Del Monte is a food brand. Today, the Del Monte brand is used by several different companies around the world.

The name was first used in 1886 as a name for premium coffee blend in California. In a few years, the company started producing canned peaches, and used the Del Monte name for that product.

The Del Monte logo has had the shape of a shield since the 1900s.

1886-1960 Editar

Del Monte 60s

This particular version of the shield appears to have been introduced around the 1886. It however practically indistinguishable from its earlier incarnation, with the exception of a few curles.

1960-2004 Editar

Del Monte logo 60s

In the 1960, the Del Monte brand was updated by Landor Associates.

2004-present Editar

Del Monte logo

The word "Quality" changed to different font around 2004. This logo is still in use in many other countries.

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