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NET Logo 1959

PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) can trace its origins to when National Educational Television & Radio Center (NET) was developed in 1952.

1962-1966 Editar

NET network b&w stars logo

1966-1968 Editar


1968-1970 Editar

NET network 1969 logo

In 1968, This logo was designed by me.

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1970 Editar


1970-1971 Editar

PBS logo 1970

In October 5, 1970, the National Educational Television was replaced by the Public Broadcasting Service.

1971-1984 Editar

PBS 1971 id

This logo was designed by Herb Lubalin, who also designed the accompanying typeface, ITC Avant Garde Gothic. The "P" resembles a human head, while the "B" and "S" are more overtly geometric. The nickname for this is the "Tri-Colored Everyman P-Heads".

1984-1998 Editar

PBS logo old

Chermayeff & Geismar designed a modified version of the "P-Head" from the previous logo and placed in a foward-facing position and added two additional facial outlines on the edge of the logo, one in negative space and one in positive space. The font used for the "PBS" identification was designed specifically for the network.

1998-present Editar

PBS Logo

A minor amendment saw the logo placed in a circle. In 2002, the "PBS" wordmark was modified.

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