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TNT logo 1999.png

In the mid-90s, a yellow oval was added to the logo.


TNT logo 2003.svg

On June 12, 2001, TNT started using a new logo, along with the tagline "We know drama". The new logo used the same colors as the old logo in order to "retain familiarity".[1][2] The new identity was developed by Trollbäck & Company of New York and launched with a campaign created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners of San Francisco, who also developed the tagline.


TNT New logo.png

A new graphics package for TNT was launched on December 7, 2008, before the premiere of Leverage. The new design keeps the previous design and tagline, but the logo is now shiny silver or gold. In the graphics, the circle from the logo is seen as a "Dramatic Light" which revolves around characters from the network's series. The new look was designed by Troika Design Group.


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