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This is the very first Warner Bros. shield logo, nicknamed the "Brain Shield". The top half of the shield included the "WB" initials occupying the bottom half, separated by a small dash. The title card with this version of the logo originally included the text "A Warner Brothers Classic of the Screen", which was later replaced with "A Warner Brothers Production" in 1926.

1923-1959 (in-credit variant)[]

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1948-present, 1948-1967[]

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1972-present, 1972-1984[]

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Famed logo designer Saul Bass, also responsible for the Geffen "G" and the United Airlines logos of the 1970s, created this logo. In the commentary on the DVD of the movie Gremlins, which brought back the shield logo, director Joe Dante notes that this logo was designed to be more artsy. When the movie was made, Dante knew that it was going to have the classical feel of the classic Warner Bros. movies because they shot on the Warner lot and Jerry Goldsmith was doing the music. So, they decided to bring back the shield logo and the studio loved it and they brought it back for their future movies (though the shield logo was also used on earlier films such as Blazing Saddles (1974) and Time After Time (1979)). However, this is still used as a logo today for other Warner properties (mainly by the now-unrelated Warner Music Group), and the stylized typeface was used for WB's home video division from 1978 to 1996.


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In September 1993, the banner with the "Warner Bros. Pictures" text was added to the shield, resembling the 1948 and 1984 onscreen logos. It was used as the corporative logo of the studio for 26 years until the rebrand in 2019, although the company's on-screen variants were still used until mid-2020.

2021 (upcoming)[]

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