&pictures is Zee’s secondary Hindi movie channel, complementing Zee Cinema. It was launched on 18 August 2013 as the first channel to use the & brand, created by Zee for urban audiences as a counter to rival Star’s OK brand (which was used by Life OK and Movies OK before being retired). Later channels to be launched with this brand are &TV, &privé HD, &flix and &xplor HD.

Together, Zee Cinema and &pictures compete with Hindi movie channels like Sony Max, Star Gold and Colors Cineplex.




Designer:  Medialuna/Tónika
Typography:  Helvetica (logo)
ITC Conduit (on-air graphics)
Launched:  Unknown

The launch graphics were created by Argentine design agency Medialuna (now called Tónika), and were used with no major changes, other than the popular Gotham font (Zee’s corporate font since 2017) mostly replacing the ITC Conduit font used by the original graphics.

Furthermore, &pictures has always placed its logo in the top left corner of the screen, compared to the top right used by most other Indian channels. On 15 October 2017, as a part of a broadcaster-wide rebrand, all the Zee-branded channels (except news channels) also moved their logo bugs to the top left.


&pictures On Nahi, Full On.jpg

Designer:  Dynamite Design
Typography:  Helvetica (logo)
Bebas Neue Pro (on-air graphics)
Launched:  Unknown

&pictures underwent a rebranding on 11 October 2020, its first in the seven years since its launch. The 2013 logo remains unchanged, as is the yellow-and-red colour scheme.

The new graphics are influenced by an on–off switch, which ties into the new slogan, On Nahi, Full On (Not On but Full-On). They were designed by Dynamite Design, which has worked with Zee and Star on several occasions, including the launch of sister channel Zee Vajwa a few days later. Bebas Neue Pro is the on-screen typeface.