This article is about the Chilean TV program produced by Chilevisión. For the Venezuelan variant whose licence is currently held by Venevisión, see ¿Cuánto Vale el Show? (Venezuela). For other uses, see ¿Cuánto Vale el Show?.


1980-1983 1994-1995 2007 2017
1980-1983 1994-1995 2007 2017

¿Cuánto Vale el Show? (translated into English: How much does the show cost?) was a chilean TV program broadcast and produced by Chilevisión. It was the pioneer for the talent search programs in that country. It was produced and broadcast in various phases: 1980-1983, 1990, 1994-1995, 2002 and 2007. The final phase gained a "VIP" version called "La batalla de los famosos" (translated into English: The battle of the famous), where the contestants were celebrities of chilean television. ¿Cuánto Vale el Show? as a program ended on December 26th 2007. After that, in 2017 the program returned temporarily as a segment on Chilevisión's morning program that year, La Mañana.

As an independent program


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As a segment in La Mañana


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