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Ágape TV (Canal 8) is the flagship of Asociación Ágape de El Salvador dedicated to family christian audiences from San Salvador, El Salvador.


Canal 8 SV 1964

Before the Ágape era, it was owned by the Salvadoran government transmitted as an educational channel like its sister channel Canal 10 (El Salvador) until 1989.


Agape TV 8 (YSWE)

Respectively, The unchanged three-dimensional logo was introduced on May 1999 when the channel was a prototype to launch on June 6, 2001. It has using since its foundation with the blue wordmark (which have three words: "Canal" (channel in Spanish) overhead as Frankly Plain JNL font, "Agape" underneath left as Tiffany Heavy font, and "TV" underneath right as Playwright JNL). The square background gradient colours are orange and yellow, and has a transparent signal as a TV transmission, and the blue oval (which is on the square background underneath) is a metallic texture, including the number eight which is a yellow color.

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