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RTN-8 Lismore[]


RTN-8 (1962)

RTN-8 Lismore began transmission on 12 May 1962 and served Richmond (Tweed/Gold Coast). The callsign stood for Richmond and Tweed Heads New South Wales. Translators would later be installed at Murwillumbah, Bonalbo and Kyogle on VHF-5. Kyogle would later move to UHF-60.


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NRN-10 Coffs Harbour[]

January–August 1965[]

NRN-10 (1965)

NRN-10 Coffs Harbour began transmission on 23 January 1965, and served Grafton and Kempsey. The callsign stood for Northern Rivers New South Wales.

NRN-11 Coffs Harbour[]


NRN-11 (1965)

In August, less than a year after commencing transmission, NRN-10 Coffs Harbour was granted the approval to change its frequency to 11 following reports that the VHF-10 signal was being affected by interference from ABRN-6 Richmond/Tweed.

Northern Rivers Television (first era)[]


NRN-11 and ECN-8 (1968) (REVISED)

In 1968, NRN-11 Coffs Harbour merged with Taree station ECN-8 to form Northern Rivers Television. This was a disaster and they both demerged a year later.

Northern Rivers-Gold Coast Television[]


11-8 (1971)

In May 1971, NRN-11 Coffs Harbour merged with Lismore station RTN-8 to re-form Northern Rivers Television after a failed merger with ECN-8, who later merged with Tamworth station NEN-9 to form Television New England (now Seven Northern NSW).

11-8 Television[]


Northern Rivers Television (1971)

In 1977, the station branded itself 11-8 Television to reflect the channel numbers of the Coffs Harbour and Lismore stations. In 1983, NRTV would be relayed into the Gold Coast on UHF-55 after a lobbying campaign by residents. This logo can also be seen in the 1985 NRTV logo in a glossy variant.

Great Eastland Television (GET)[]


Great Eastland Television 1975-1987

On 19 October 1975, NRN-11 Coffs Harbour, in partnership with DDQ-10/DDQ-5a Toowoomba, SDQ-4 Warwick, RTN-8 Lismore, NEN-9 Tamworth and ECN-8 Taree renamed themselves Great Eastland Television Network. In 1987, the GET branding was removed.

Northern Rivers Television (second era)[]







On 31 December 1991, NRN launched its service in Manning River (Taree) on UHF-65, Newcastle (Hunter/Central Coast) on UHF-57, Upper Namoi (Tamworth) on UHF-34 and affiliated itself with Network Ten. On the same day, RTN's callsign is changed to NRN. Other relay stations included Bonalbo on UHF-58, Tenterfield and Kyogle on UHF-60, Murwillumbah and Kororo on UHF-63, and Currumbin on UHF-42.

Ten Northern NSW (first era)[]



After being sold to Telecasters Australia, NRTV rebranded itself in January 1995 to Ten Northern NSW, bringing to an end the "Northern Rivers" era.



Southern Cross Ten Northern NSW[]


SC10 2002-05


Southern Cross Ten

Ten Northern NSW (second era)[]


Ten 2013-

Because Northern NSW wasn't affected by the affiliation change, Southern Cross Ten’s unique logo was entirely removed, making SCA adopt Ten’s branding fully.

WIN Northern NSW[]


Win 2016

On 1 September 2017, NRN was purchased by regional Ten affiliate WIN Television, who found out that Northern NSW was the only region they forgot to cover.


WIN Television 2018

10 Northern NSW[]


Network 10 2018

On 1 July 2021, WIN rebranded NRN into 10 Northern NSW and became a relay of TEN Sydney and TVQ Brisbane with local ads.