The 1982 FIFA World Cup (branded as España 82) was the 12th edition of the FIFA World Cup, the global championship tournament in men's association football, held 17 stadiums in 14 cities across Spain from 13 June to 11 July 1982.

The defending champions were Argentina, who won the 1978 tournament at home. The tournament was won by Italy, beating West Germany in the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, Madrid, on 11 July 1982.


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Name:  Naranjito
Species:  Orange
Designer:  María Dolores Salto
José María Martín Pacheco

Its mascot was Naranjito, an orange of the area of Valencia and Murcia, dressed in the uniform of the Spanish football team and with a ball of this sport under his left arm; designed by María Dolores Salto and José María Martín Pacheco. Even Naranjito appeared in his own animated series named "Fútbol en acción" produced by BRB Internacional transmitted on TVE 1.

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