The 1986 FIFA World Cup (branded as Mexico 86) was the 13th edition of the FIFA World Cup, the global championship tournament in men's association football, held 11 cities in 12 stadiums across Mexico from May 31 to June 26, 1986. It's the first country where was hosted twice, after Spain and Colombia were rejected due to economic reasons.

The defending champions were Italy, who won the 1982 tournament in Spain. The tournament was won by Argentina, beating West Germany in Azteca Stadium, Mexico City on June 26, 1986.


1986 FIFA World Cup.svg
Designer:  Rubén Santiago Hernández
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Unknown

The Mexico 86 emblem brand logo was developed by Rubén Santiago Hernández and debuted in 1983.


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Name:  Pique
Species:  Jalapeño chili pepper
Designer:  Sport-Billy Productions

In 1984, the mascot for the tournament was introduced. His name was Pique and was designed by global entertainment company Sport-Billy Productions.

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