The 1990 FIFA World Cup (branded as Italia '90) was the 14th edition of the FIFA World Cup, the global championship tournament in men's association football, held across 12 cities in Italy from 8 June to 8 July 1990.

The defending champions were Argentina, who won previously the 1986 tournament in Mexico, and were the runners-up in this tournament. The tournament was won by West Germany in the Stadio Olimpico, Rome, on 8 July 1990.


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In November 1986, the Italia '90 brand logo was revealed.


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Name:  Ciao
Species:  Stick-figure with a football head
Designer:  Lucio Boscardin

On that same month as the brand logo for the tournament was revealed, the mascot was introduced with a Lucio Boscardin's design: A stick figure with a football head and an Italian tricolor (Green, white and red) body that formed the word "ITALIA" when deconstructed and reconstructed. This name came from the Italian greeting.

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