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TCF 1935 20CF 1945-72 20th Century Fox 1972 20th Century Fox 1982 20th Century Fox
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20th Century Fox


TCF 1935

The structure was introduced without any searchlights (despite the fact that the on screen logo used them) in their first print logo.


20CF 1945-72

The structure was discontinued for this logo in favor of simplified text.


20th Century Fox 1972

The structure was reintroduced with an arch located above the structure.


20th Century Fox 1982

This logo marked the first appearance of the searchlights (that have been in usage long before) on a print logo. In 1987, the logo below replaced this on movie posters and such, but this was used in tandem with it, as this was used on VHS cases from Fox Video until 1994.


20th Century Fox

The design of this logo is similar to before, with some differences, those being that the border has the rounded corners removed, the letters’ design was changed, the searchlights had an extra piece added and lines were added to distinguish the letters on the top row.

20th Century Studios


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On January 17th, 2020, it was announced 20th Century Fox would change its name to 20th Century Studios, following Disney's purchase of the company's assets the year prior and likely to avoid confusion with the separate Fox Corporation.

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