1935 20th Century FOX logo
When 20th Century Fox was founded in 1935, it used the same openning as 20th Century Pictures, the only difference is that the word "Pictures" is replaced with the word "Fox" (as reference of the other merged partner company Fox Films). This design was made by the watercolorist Emil Kosa Jr.



20th Century Fox Logo (1953)
In 1953, Rocky Longo repainted the logo when Fox began releasing movies in the widescreen Cinemascope format, starting with How to Marry a Millionaire. The artist tilted the "0" in "20th" so the monolith would look proportional in the format’s wider aspect ratio.


20th Century Fox Logo (1968)
In 1968, the colors became less saturated.

1955–1956; 1970

20th Century Fox (1955, CinemaScope)
This alternative variation was used in the only two Fox films released in CinemaScope 55. It was later reused for Grandeur 70 in 1970.


20th Century Fox (1979)



20th Century FOX Logo 1994

The logo was reimagined in 1994 as a 21-second CG-animated curtain raiser, with a POV that sweeps from above the "20th" to a panorama of the L.A. Basin, including the Hollywood sign, and storefronts with the names of Fox executives in the signage. Also, the byline A News Corporation Company was added for the first time. 

This is the most famous version used by the company.


20th Century Fox Logo (2005)
The logo was slightly modified in 2005, making the colors more vivid and the textures more detailed.



20 Fox Logo
In 2009, the logo was updated with a more advanced CG animation. It was created by Blue Sky Studios and it made its debut before James Cameron's Avatar film.

2010 (75th anniversary logo)


20th Century Fox (2013)
After News Corporation splitted into 21st Century Fox  and News Corp in 2013, the byline was permanently removed leaving the logo simple just like the pre-1994 logos.

This is the current version used by the company until today.



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