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20th Century Fox



This logo was created as an introduction to 20th Century Fox's new CinemaScope process. It was designed by Pacific Title and Art's Rocky Longo, who also designed this logo's 1981 replacement.



This logo was created by matte artist Rocky Longo, who also designed the previous version. It was during the tenure of this logo that News Corporation acquired the studio.


The logo received a CGI overhaul in 1994, courtesy of Flip Your Lid Productions. It is the same as the one previously introduced in 1992 by 20th Television.

2001–2003 (DVD)


This logo was introduced for the studio's 75th anniversary in 2010. Blue Sky Studios was responsible for its creation.

In 2013, News Corporation was split into two separate companies. The entertainment division became known as 21st Century Fox, and as such, the News Corporation byline was removed from this logo.

2009 (prototype)

2009-2017 (20th Century Fox Games)