TCF Television Productions, Inc.


20th Television began as TCF Television Productions, Inc. in 1955, with the initials "TCF" being "20th Century-Fox" or "Twentieth Century-Fox" as the structure being weird.

20th Century-Fox Television



In October 1958, TCF Television Productions, Inc. was renamed as 20th Century-Fox Television to match the 1935 20th Century Fox logo.


In 1959, a counterpart to the 1935 20th Century Fox logo, the "Starry Sky" was introduced. This variant was used as a primary variation until 1963.

20th Century Fox Television


This television variant of the theatrical 20th Century Fox logo shows the word "TELEVISION" placed in front of the word "CENTURY" as it zooms into view. Because of the positioning of the word "TELEVISION" in front of the logo, it appears to read as "20th Television Fox" and has been nicknamed as such by closing logo fans.


Same as before, but the background's 20th Century Fox logo changes to 1953's version.


1983–1984 (Dance Fever)

20th Century-Fox Television (1983).jpg

This logo was only seen on Dance Fever.


In early 1995, this logo was used the same as the 1992 20th Television logo, but darker. The byline, "A News Corporation Company" was added to the logo.

In 1995, the logo was brighter and modified. This variant was used along with the 1995 logo, as a secondary variation, until May 17, 2009.

In 1998, the two logos were tweaked and improved. The News Corporation byline is smaller than the previous logo which was bigger.

On some variants, the News Corporation byline is the same size as the 1995 variant.

On April 13, 2007, starting with Drive, the logo was given a more enhanced look with realistic searchlights, sky background, and byline. This logo is more enhanced and has a CGI shine over it. It is shown in 4:3 format as well as widescreen for high definition broadcast. This logo is similar to before, this logo was improved with the letters modified. Despite 20th Century Fox unveiled a new logo on December 10, 2009, this variant was used as a primary logo.

After News Corporation split into 21st Century Fox (who was defunct) and News Corp in 2013, the News Corporation byline was permanently removed leaving only the logo just like the pre-1995 logos. Despite 20th Century Fox renamed as 20th Century Studios in January 2020, this logo was used by movies.

20th Television


On August 10, 2020, The Walt Disney Company announced that 20th Century Fox Television was renamed to 20th Television as its new name for the television production company, following the removal of "Fox" name from its movie studio divisions, 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight Pictures, which were renamed 20th Century Studios and Searchlight Pictures, respectively.

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