20th Television Animation (formerly Fox Television Animation) is an American animation studio that creates, develops and produces animated television series, specials and other projects primarily for the Fox Broadcasting Company. It is a division of Walt Disney Television through 20th Television.

Fox Television Animation


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The studio was established in 1999. Its first project was the continued production of Family Guy for its third season, which it took over from the series' previous home at Film Roman for seasons one and two. The studio would become the home of future animated series co-created by Seth MacFarlane: American Dad! and The Cleveland Show. In 2016, Fox Television Animation assumed production of The Simpsons, taking over from Film Roman.

20th Television Animation


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In 2020, Disney rebranded Fox Television Animation as 20th Television Animation as part of a merger requirement to drop the "Fox" name from the acquired assets to avoid brand confusion with Fox Corporation.

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