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24 Horas is the newscast of Panamericana Televisión that has been broadcast since May 13, 1973. Considered the "dean of television newscasts in Peru", it has been produced without interruption for over 45 years.

Its opening theme, the Berimbau, a musical theme created by Vinicius de Moraes and composed by Stanley Black was first adopted by Panamericana in 1997.


24 Horas Panamercana 1973.png

This is the first logo when the news program was launched in 1973. The logo consisted of a "24" in Helvetica Black and below, the word "HORAS", both words in a silver color (since the televisions at the time were in black and white) and solid appearance. This logo was used on screen with two isotypes used for the television set of that time.


24 Horas Perú 1973 logo de estudio.svg

The first isotype for the news studios was a grey "24" in square letters, superimposed and with shadows and below, the word "HORAS" in Eurostile Extended Bold with the same characteristics of the number.


24 Horas Perú 1977 logo de estudio.svg

The second logo for the studio was a grey "24" with a black border and shade, one below the other. This was the only time that the program did not use the word "HORAS" anywhere and it was the last logo in black and white.


24 Horas Panamericana 1978.png

With the arrival of colour on Peruvian television, the logo changed its colour from silver to gold, indicating the arrival of colour on the screen. This logo was used in conjunction with other variants used on screen during those years.



24 Horas Perú 1998.svg

On November 1, 1998, coinciding with Panamericana Televisión adopting a new look (with the slogan "Conéctate") a new logo was launched after 25 years. The "24" ceases to be solid and becomes flat and orange yellow, this is in a dark blue rectangle, above the rectangle, a bright orange line and below, a red line, below the red line, a white rectangle with the word "HORAS" in black and in Impact typography. This logo has gone through various redesigns in its identification curtains between the late 1990s and the 2000s (until 2009).


24 Horas Perú 2009.png

In September 2009, with the programmatic and administrative restructuring of Panamericana Televisión after the return of the Schutz familt, a transition logo was made to the current design. This time, the "24" is semi-solid, the square on top of which the number becomes light blue, the word "HORAS" now uses Arial Black, to the right is a planet Earth and in the part where the planet is mentioned there is a blur between the logo and the planet.

This logo was used until January 1, 2010.




24 Horas Perú 2010.svg

On January 2, 2010, 24 Horas launched a new design. On this occasion, the "24" changes from Helvetica to Bankgothic and becomes a whitish color and with the "2" stacked to the "4" (similar to the 1977 studio logo), this is above a red rectangle with round edges and below, the word "HORAS" with the same font and color as the "24". This time, the appearance of the logo was in a semi-3D according to the trends of the 2000s and early 2010s.


24 Horas Perú 2012.svg

In March 2012, the logo adopted a 3D look. This logo is still seen on the program's social media pages.


24 Horas Perú 2018.svg

On July 28, 2018, coinciding with the national holidays and with the renovation of the Panamericana Televisión's press department, 24 Horas slightly adjusted its current design. The red color of the rectangle on this occasion is brighter and with bezel and light and the number "24" and the word "HORAS" changes its typography to Helvetica Condensed Black, and in addition, both words move to a whitish color.


24 Horas Perú 2022.svg
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