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3sat is a German-language television channel jointly run by the public broadcasters in Germany (ARD and ZDF), Switzerland (SRG SSR, represented by SRF) and Austria (ORF). It airs cultural programmes, much like Arte, the Franco-German TV channel.

Since its inception, the channel has used the slogan Anders fernsehen (Different television).


January 1st–November 30th. 1984 1984–1993 1993–2003 2003–2019 2019–present
January 1st–November 30th. 1984 1984–1993 1993–2003 2003–2019 2019–present


January 1st–November 30th. 1984


Logopedia Info.svg
Logopedia Info.svg

After its closure, the channel was replaced by 3sat.



3 Sat Logo alt.svg.png


3sat logo 90s.svg

This logo features four blue squares for the four broadcasters that take part in 3sat; ZDF, SRG SSR (SRG), ORF and, from 1993, ARD.


3sat logo.svg

A completely new look for 3sat was launched on 1 June 2003.

The old typeface was kept, but the "3" is now white and has been put in a red square. "3" represents the three participating countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), while the square symbolises the partnership between the four broadcasters.

The new logo was created in-house at ZDF. The new idents were created by the Frankfurt based Filmstyler.


3sat 2019.svg
Designer:  BDA Creative
Typography:  Unknown

3sat launched a logo on 5 February 2019 after nearly sixteen years, and a new look. This was designed by BDA Creative, a Munich-based creative agency.

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