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On December 2010, TV5 announced plans to launch its own news and sport-related channel. On February 21, 2011, AksyonTV started its commercial broadcast.

Its flagship stations in Metro Manila were DWNB-TV, UHF Channel 41—TV5 leased as part of a affiliate broadcast spectrum and license Nation Broadcasting Corporation (gaining control of the station in exchange for providing equipment for NBC) and allowing airtime for NBC produced programming on AksyonTV with the TV5-owned of DWDZ-TV, Channel 47 serving as a UHF translator (ABC 5 had previously operated as the independent station ABC-47 before it went silent in the middle of 2003).



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On November 30, 2018, The 5 Network released its teaser that AksyonTV will rebrand into 5Plus. After 8 years as news channel (sports content was later added), AksyonTV's programming ended on January 12, 2019 the network, broadcasting under transitional branding "Channel 41" continued to air programming.

The following day, an unnamed station aired and used the words and the replacement AksyonTV logo. On the same day, teasers began showing for the replacement channel. The 5 Network's free TV complementary channel of 5Plus. It took effect last January 13, 2019.

Meanwhile, Radyo5's programming are now being broadcast on One PH, a stand-alone satellite channel at a satellite service, Cignal.

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