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2001-2014 (primary), 2014-2016 (secondary)


The first 99p Store openened in Holloway, London, in January 2001. The brand proved popular during the 2000's and by 2012 more than 200 branches were open across the UK. Although later replaced, this logo remained on most stores until their rebranding in 2015/16.

2014-2016 (primary)


Introduced in 2014, this new branding was a simplification and refresh of the 2001 logo. The "stores" portion was now in yellow and gained a capitalised "S". The blue outline on the "99p" oval was removed while the longer oval was removed completly. Poundland purchased the brand in 2015, and from later that year through to 2016, the 99p Stores name was phased out.

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