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2015–2016 June–November 2016 November 2016–2018 2018–present
2015–2016 June–November 2016 November 2016–2018 2018–present

Ninemsn Honey


NinemsnHoney logo2014.svg

9Honey was created in April 2015 as Ninemsn Honey, along with 2 new sites Ninemsn Coach (now 9Honey Coach) and Ninemsn Pickle (now 9Pickle).


June–November 2016


On 28 June 2016, Ninemsn Honey was renamed 9Honey but this logo was short-lived.

November 2016–2018

Logo honey.svg

In November 2016, 9Honey released their new logo and several of Nine.com.au's sub-brands were restructured under a revised 9Honey brand. Additionally, 9Style was launched as a fashion and beauty brand; taking the former role of 9Honey. 9Mums was also launched as a children, family and parenting brand.



On 20 August 2017, the 9Honey sub-brands received new names incorporating the 9Honey logo. When 9TheFix de-merged and did not receive its new name, it was spun-off as separate from 9Honey while rejoining Nine.com.au. "Elsewhere" was renamed "Travel" for the 9Honey logo.


9honey logo2018.svg

On 27 September 2018 as part of a major refresh, 9Honey modified their logo. 9Honey's sub-brands finalized their colour schemes while 9TheFix rejoined 9Honey and was re-merged as 9Honey Celebrity. Both 9Honey Binge and 9Honey You were launched as well.

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