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Break Bumpers

For break bumpers of TV5 airing of ASAP Natin' To, FPJ: Da King, and Primetime Bida shows of ABS-CBN/Kapamilya Channel, see ABS-CBN Entertainment/Break Bumpers.


  • We see the animation for forming the A2Z logo (with the current background of A2Z used since January 2021). The A2Z logo along with the background can be seen moving and after a few seconds, the logo along with the background will zoom in in a right-slant fashion. SFX: A2Z logo forming animation; Music/Sounds: None


  • Like with the 2014–2020 break bumper of main ABS-CBN terrestrial channel from late 2014 to May 5, 2020 and Kapamilya Channel break bumper, this bumper can also be seen after the title card that shows when the program pauses thus after the show's title card, the A2Z break bumper will be shown then the show's teasers and after the teasers, commercials will be shown.
  • This bumper also lasts for 5 seconds, like with Kapamilya Channel break bumper and show-exclusive break bumpers of ABS-CBN Entertainment that are shown during TV5 airing of ASAP Natin' To, FPJ: Da King, and Primetime Bida shows.