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ABC Commercial is the commercial arm of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Operated in various forms for nearly 44 years, ABC Commercial’s primary purpose is generating revenue for the ABC through five key business areas. Revenue generated from ABC Commercial is returned to the ABC to spend on charter activities. ABC Commercial has accounting separation from the ABC. It is also charged internally for the costs of all shared ABC resources, service, labour and facilities on a monthly or by use basis. ABC Commercial is fully self-financed through its operations and does not receive public funding.

ABC Enterprises


ABC 1965

ABC Commercial was established in 1974, originally known as ABC Enterprises.


ABC Lissajous

ABC Commercial


ABC Commercial 1974

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ABC Commercial 2002


ABC Commercial 2008


ABCCommercial 2018

In September 2018, ABC Commercial retired its 3D Lissajous and returned to the 1974 2D version, as per the soft rebranding of the ABC at the time.

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