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ABQ-2 Brisbane


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ABQ-2 Brisbane began transmission on 2 November 1959. This logo was used in articles promoting the launch of the channel. The callsign stood for ABC Queensland.

ABC-TV Queensland


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On December 16, 1963, relay station ABDQ-3 Darling Downs began transmission. This would be followed by ABRQ-9 Rockhampton, On 21 September 1964 by ABTQ-3 Townsville, On 8 October 1965 by ABWQ-6 Wide Bay, on 4 July 1966 by ABSQ-1 Southern Downs, On 25 July by ABNQ-9 Cairns, on 21 December 1967 by ABMQ-8 Mackay, On 21 December 1970 by ABIQ-6 Mount Isa, on 17 March 1971 by ABCLQ-7 Cloncurry, On 20 April by ABJQ-10 Julia Creek, on June 4 by ABRDQ-6 Richmond, on June 30 by ABHQ-9 Hughenden, on 15 December by ABMKQ-9 Mary Kathleen, on 9 July 1973 by ABGQ-6 Goondiwindi, on 30 November by ABMSQ-9 Miles, on 14 December by ABRAQ-7 Roma, on December 21 by ABEQ-11 Emerald, and on 8 March 1974 by ABAAQ-11 Augathella, ABCAQ-10 Cunnamulla, ABCEQ-9 Charleville, ABDIQ-7 Dirranbandi, ABMLQ-6 Mitchell, ABMNQ-7 Morven, and ABSGQ-8 St. George.


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On November 15, 1974, relay station ABWNQ-8 Winton began transmission. This was followed on 19 December by ABAQ-8 Alpha, ABBQ-10 Barcaldine, ABBLQ-9 Blackall, ABCTQ-10 Clermont, ABLQ-6 Longreach, and ABSEQ-9 Springsure. Sometime in 1982, ABMKQ-9 would be shut down after the town was abandoned. In 1988, both ABMQ-8 and ABRQ-9 moved to their current channels (ABMQ-10 and ABRQ-11) in order to accomodate FM radio. In 1989, ABSEQ-9 moved to VHF-8. In 1993, ABDQ-3 would move to UHF-32 in order to accomodate FM radio.


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ABC1 Queensland


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ABC Queensland


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