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ABQ-2 Brisbane


ABQ2 1959.png

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ABQ-2 Brisbane began transmission on 2 November 1959. This logo was used in articles promoting the launch of the channel. The callsign stood for ABC Queensland.

ABC Queensland (first era)


ABC 1965.svg

On 16 December 1963, relay station ABDQ-3 Darling Downs began transmission. This would be followed by ABRQ-9 Rockhampton, On 21 September 1964 by ABTQ-3 Townsville, On 8 October 1965 by ABWQ-6 Wide Bay, on 4 July 1966 by ABSQ-1 Southern Downs, On 25 July by ABNQ-9 Cairns, on 21 December 1967 by ABMQ-8 Mackay, On 21 December 1970 by ABIQ-6 Mount Isa, on 17 March 1971 by ABCLQ-7 Cloncurry, On 20 April by ABJQ-10 Julia Creek, on June 4 by ABRDQ-6 Richmond, on June 30 by ABHQ-9 Hughenden, on 15 December by ABMKQ-9 Mary Kathleen, on 9 July 1973 by ABGQ-6 Goondiwindi, on 30 November by ABMSQ-9 Miles, on 14 December by ABRAQ-7 Roma, on December 21 by ABEQ-11 Emerald, and on 8 March 1974 by ABAAQ-11 Augathella, ABCAQ-10 Cunnamulla, ABCEQ-9 Charleville, ABDIQ-7 Dirranbandi, ABMLQ-6 Mitchell, ABMNQ-7 Morven, and ABSGQ-8 St. George.


ABC Lissajous.svg

On 15 November 1974, relay station ABWNQ-8 Winton began transmission. This was followed on 19 December by ABAQ-8 Alpha, ABBQ-10 Barcaldine, ABBLQ-9 Blackall, ABCTQ-10 Clermont, ABLQ-6 Longreach, and ABSEQ-9 Springsure. Sometime in 1982, ABMKQ-9 would be shut down after the town was abandoned. In 1988, both ABMQ-8 and ABRQ-9 moved to their current channels (ABMQ-10 and ABRQ-11) in order to accomodate FM radio. In 1989, ABSEQ-9 moved to VHF-8. In 1993, ABDQ-3 would move to UHF-32 in order to accomodate FM radio.




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ABC1 Queensland


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ABC1 logo 2011.png

ABC Queensland (second era)


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ABC Lissajous.svg

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