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1956–1960 1960–1965 1963–1974, 1996–2000 1974–2002, 2019–2020 2001-2002 2002–2005
1956–1960 1960–1965 1963–1974, 1996–2000 1974–2002, 2019–2020 2001-2002 2002–2005
2005–2008 2008–2011 2011–2014 2014–2019 2021–present  
2005–2008 2008–2011 2011–2014 2014–2019 2021–present

ABC TV is a national public television network in Australia. Launched on 5 November 1956 it is the responsibility of the ABC's television division, and is available nationally.

ABC-TV (first era)


Abc tv -1956.png
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On the night when ABN-2 Sydney began transmission, this was the first logo seen on-screen.


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1963–1974, 1996–2000

ABC 1965.svg

In the early years, ABC-TV had been using Lissajous curves with its initials inside it as fillers in-between programmes. A staff competition was conducted on 1 July 1963 to create a new logo for use on television, stationery, publications, microphone badges and ABC vehicles.

In 1996, ABC began using idents which feature a modified version of the 1963 logo design being drawn in the air by various people; these idents feature the slogan, it's your abc.

1974–2002, 2019–2020

ABC 1975.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  None
ABC Sans
Launched:  19 October 1974
4 February 2019 (revival)

On 19 October 1974, the channel's logo was modified from a thin line to a thick line and began to use the familiar crossover design (which is also known as the "over and under" design). This logo was used during the start of colour test transmissions.

The print logo was reinstated on 4 February 2019, ending the gradient variant's 5-year run (see below). The change came with a new on-air presentation fully implementing ABC's internal font 'ABC Sans'. They also revived the three-tone leitmotif from 1988 for a slew of new idents, which also harken back to the 1988 idents with a picture-in-picture theme.


ABC 2001.png
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On 1 January 2001, with the introduction of digital TV in Australia, the logo was modified again, but this time rendering it in a 3D silver color and losing its crossover design. The design looks similar to the 1960s ident.


ABC TV (2002).png
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In January 2002, the 2001 logo changed back to the crossover design, however it still kept the 3D silver texture. The channel's idents are based upon the previous on-air look, with a silver ring morphing into the logo, but set in elemental backgrounds (fire, ice, and leaves). As of 2005, this logo was still used as a watermark until 2008.


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On 19 December 2005, the channel's idents were revamped featuring a slightly modified ABC logo transforming into a screen. The slogan used with this logo was "There's more to Television".



ABC1 logo.png
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Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Futura Condensed
DIN 1451 (ABC Logo)
Launched:  8 February 2008

On 8 February 2008, the channel was renamed ABC1 with its logo (adopting a blue colour theme) updated concurrently with ABC2 (in a yellow theme). In addition to this, the slogan was rebadged to It begins with 1. After concerns in some sections of the media that the 43-year-old Lissajous curve logo was to disappear completely, ABC management reaffirmed that it would remain in use by the corporation.


ABC1 logo 2011.png
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Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Gotham Black
Launched:  6 February 2011

On 6 February 2011, 3 months before ABC2's rebrand, the channel was rebranded with new idents and a new on-air logo, with a new slogan "Think Entertainment". The aim of the rebrand was to communicate that ABC1 isn't only a source of news and current affairs, but also a channel for entertainment.

ABC TV (second era)


ABCTV 2014-blue.svg

On 20 July 2014, ABC1 rebranded back to ABC TV with a refreshed on-air presentation. The logo also changed back to the 1974 Lissajous curve (see above), with slight gradient areas around the overlap junctures, to simulate a shadow, and the change was accompanied with a new slogan: #ourABC. The slogan then changed again on 31 December 2017 to Yours, as the ABC was undergoing a broadcaster-wide rebrand.


ABC TV 2021.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  ABC Sans
Launched:  1 January 2021

In preparation for the relaunch of sister channel ABC Comedy as ABC TV Plus, the main ABC TV channel introduced a new logo on 1 January 2021, which features the "TV" initials placed next to the Lissajous curve. The 2019 idents remain in use, but with the current logo.