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2005–2008 2008–2011 2011–2017 2017–2021 2021–present
2005–2008 2008–2011 2011–2017 2017–2021 2021–present



ABC 2 OLD.png
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  March 7th, 2005

The channel launched with a three-dimensional logo of the numeral two. The previous idents were produced in part by Amanda Dennis, and were used since the channel's launch, until the 2008 rebrand. The channel's original slogan was "More Choice, More Often". All promos featured the "Big 2" placed in famous and iconic Australian locations, such as Port Jackson, the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre and the Northern Territory. The "Big 2" was somewhat similar to the on-air mascot of BBC Two in appearance. However, the logo was modified for the promotion of the channel's launch, and for various sporting events, notably the channel's launch, where the logo appeared under-construction, and during the promotion of Australians Women's Netball where it took on the appearance of a netball.


ABC2 logo.png
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Futura Condensed
DIN 1451 (ABC Logo)
Launched:  February 9th, 2008

On February 9th 2008, ABC2 updated to a yellow logo. In addition to this, the "More Choice, More Often" slogan was replaced with "Connecting 2". After concerns in some sections of the media that the 43-year-old Lissajous curve brand was to disappear completely, ABC management reaffirmed that it would remain in use by the corporation.

This logo was scheduled to launch on 8 February 2008 (along with ABC1's new logo), but an animation error caused it to be delayed until a day later.


ABC2 2011.png
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Gotham Black
Launched:  April 1st, 2011

On April 1st 2011, the logo was changed to look similar to that of the logo used by ABC TV (formerly ABC1), while also introducing a new slogan "Always Brighter". On 20 July 2014, following the main channel's rebrand to the 1974 Lissajous curve logo, new variants of the ABC2 logo were introduced to fit with the classic Lissajous curve. However, the 2011 logo remained in tandem with it.

ABC Comedy


ABCComedy 2017.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  December 4th, 2017

On December 4th 2017, to end ABC2's 12-year run, the channel underwent a major re-branding and thus it has been renamed ABC Comedy, a channel which specialises in comedy programs, including original shows, stand-up routines, international offerings and its first original show Tonightly with Tom Ballard, a news-based comedy show.



ABCTVPlus 2020.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  January 1st, 2021

ABC Comedy was rebranded to ABC TV Plus, a general entertainment channel on 1 January 2021.