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These are the break bumpers of ABS-CBN Entertainment that are shown during commercial breaks of A2Z and TV5 airing of ABS-CBN shows. The length of a break bumper lasts for 5 seconds like the Kapamilya Channel break bumper.

Despite the introduction of show-exclusive break bumpers upon airing of ABS-CBN shows on TV5 in January 24, 2021, the Kapamilya Channel airing of these shows still use its own break bumper even if the network's entertainment shows and drama series are identified as ABS-CBN Entertainment since 2021.

Break bumpers (with description and video)

SFX: Various (some bumpers also show the 2014 ABS-CBN horizontal logo animation when the ABS-CBN Entertainment logo appears); Music/Sounds: None

  • ASAP Natin 'To - We see the letters "a", "s", "a", and "p" from the ASAP logo appear on-screen. The ABS-CBN Entertainment logo and the show's logo appear and they zoom in in a left-slant fashion.
  • FPJ: Da King - We see the text "FPJ", "DA", and "KING" appears on the screen (with an image of Fernando Poe, Jr. at the left side of the text). The title of the show appears on-screen and it zooms in on a right-slant fashion.
  • FPJ's Ang Probinsyano - We see montages of the show's character Cardo Dalisay (portrayed by Coco Martin) and after the three images of the said character holding weapons, the show's title card is shown and the show's logo zooms in.
  • Ang sa Iyo ay Akin - We see montages of the show's characters, then all of the main characters are shown while the ABS-CBN Entertainment and the show's logo appear, and a crown appears and zooms in.
  • Walang Hanggang Paalam - Same as Ang sa Iyo ay Akin, but with different background and characters. After the montage of the show's characters, the ABS-CBN Entertainment logo and show's logo on a sea and mountain during sunset background zooms in slowly and in a right-slant fashion. The sunshine effect appears, and the show's logo zooms in faster.
  • Pinoy Big Brother: Connect - The sun zooms out, forms the Pinoy Big Brother logo, and then the sun zooms in. The Pinoy Big Brother Connect and ABS-CBN Entertainment logos appear and zoom in, with blue and yellow dots (two dots at the upper-left side of the screen, however, has lines connecting them where they disappear and again appear) and an animation for drawing a house on a white background. After the ABS-CBN Entertainment and show's logo zoom in, the Pinoy Big Brother logo and its sun zoom in.
  • Count Your Lucky Stars - The words "Count" and "Your" appear. The flipping animation plays, resulting in the words "Lucky" and "Stars" appear. Show's logo and its main characters appear, and they zoom in.
  • Huwag Kang Mangamba - On a light-blue background with white circles, the show's logo and ABS-CBN Entertainment logo appear (similar to the show's title card but without the words "Music by Fr. Manoling V. Francisco, SJ" below the logo), then they zoom in in a right-slant fashion (like Walang Hanggang Paalam).
  • Init sa Magdamag -



  • Some bumpers zooms in in a right-slant fashion like the Kapamilya Channel bumper (i.e. FPJ: Da King, Walang Hanggang Paalam, and Huwag Kang Mangamba)
    • However, some zooms in a straightforward manner like the 2014–2020 break bumper of main terrestrial ABS-CBN network (i.e. FPJ's Ang Probinsyano).
  • Break bumpers of foreign television series on TV5 and A2Z that also air on Kapamilya Channel (i.e. Count Your Lucky Stars) and FPJ: Da King does not have the ABS-CBN Entertainment logo above the show's logo.

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