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This article is about the show-exclusive break bumpers that are shown during commercial breaks of A2Z and TV5 airing of ASAP Natin' To and FPJ: Da King since January 24, 2021, and Primetime Bida shows since March 8, 2021. For the break bumpers of main terrestrial ABS-CBN channel (March 1, 1987–May 5, 2020), see ABS-CBN/Other.
For the Kapamilya Channel break bumper (June 13, 2020–present), see Kapamilya Channel/Other.

SFX: Various (some bumpers also show the 2014 ABS-CBN horizontal logo animation when the ABS-CBN Entertainment logo appears); Music/Sounds: None

These are the show-exclusive break bumpers of ABS-CBN Entertainment that are shown during commercial breaks of A2Z and TV5 airing of ASAP Natin 'To and FPJ: Da King (since January 24, 2021; as part of TodoMax Weekend Sunday for TV5 airing of these shows), Primetime Bida shows of ABS-CBN/Kapamilya Channel (since March 8, 2021, as part of TodoMax Primetime Singko on TV5), and It's Showtime (since July 16, 2022). The length of a break bumper lasts for 5 seconds like the Kapamilya Channel break bumper. Like with the break bumpers of the main terrestrial ABS-CBN channel from March 1, 1987 to May 5, 2020 and Kapamilya Channel, they do not have a music or sound at all and serve as the transition from the commercials to the teasers of A2Z and TV5 programs (although the 2014-2020 break bumper of main ABS-CBN terrestrial channel from late 2014 to May 5, 2020, Kapamilya Channel bumper and A2Z bumper can also be seen after the title card that shows when the program pauses thus the teasers of network's programs will be shown first before the commercials). At the end of each bumper, either an object related to the show, show's logo, or both the show logo and ABS-CBN Entertainment logo zoom in. They also sometimes mark as the start of the next program, like in the case of It's Showtime on A2Z and TV5. Since April 17, 2022, they are concurrently used with the A2Z's break bumper.

Despite the introduction of show-exclusive break bumpers upon airing of ABS-CBN shows on TV5 in January 24, 2021, the Kapamilya Channel (the main channel that broadcast ABS-CBN shows since June 13, 2020) airing of these shows still use its own break bumper even if the network's entertainment shows and drama series use the ABS-CBN Entertainment brand since 2021.

  • ASAP Natin 'To - We see the letters "a", "s", "a", and "p" from the ASAP logo appear on-screen. The ABS-CBN Entertainment logo and the show's logo appear and they zoom in in a left-slant fashion.
  • FPJ: Da King - We see the text "FPJ", "DA", and "KING" appears on the screen (with an image of Fernando Poe, Jr. at the left side of the text). The title of the show appears on-screen and it zooms in on a right-slant fashion.
  • FPJ's Ang Probinsyano:
    • Season 8 - We see montages of the show's character Cardo Dalisay (portrayed by Coco Martin) and after the three images of the said character holding weapons, the show's logo and ABS-CBN Entertainment logo appear with Cardo Dalisay above these logos (similar to the show's title card but without the words "Tuloy Ang Laban" below the show logo) and the logo of the show zooms in.
    • Season 9 - We see Cardo Dalisay pointing a pistol, riding a motorcycle while holding the said weapon or performing drive-by shooting, and close-up of the show's character holding a pistol upward. A picture of Cardo Dalisay holding a pistol upward will then slide to the right, and the ABS-CBN Entertainment and show's logo will then appear (with Task Force Agila badge behind the show's logo). The bumper will zoom into Cardo Dalisay's face where it shows a close-up of a face of the said character, then the close-up of the show's logo, and again Cardo Dalisay's face.
  • Ang sa Iyo ay Akin - We see montages of the show's characters (Marissa Pineda-Zulyani (Jodi Sta. Maria), Ellice Ceñidoza-Villarosa (Iza Calzado), Gabriel Villarosa (Sam Milby), Lucinda "Lucing" Pineda (Maricel Soriano), Jake Zulyani (Grae Fernandez), Hope Villarosa (Kira Balinger), Avelino "Avel" Mansueto, Jr. (Joseph Marco), and Belen "Bel" Ceñidoza (Rita Avila)), then the eight characters of the show mentioned before are shown while the ABS-CBN Entertainment and the show's logo appear, and a crown appears and zooms in.
  • Walang Hanggang Paalam - Same as Ang sa Iyo ay Akin, but with different background and characters. After the montage of the show's characters (Celine Delgado (Angelica Panganiban), Antonio "Anton" Hernandez (Zanjoe Marudo), Emmanuel "Emman" Salvador (Paulo Avelino), and Samantha "Sam" Agoncillo (Arci Muñoz)), the ABS-CBN Entertainment logo and show's logo on a sea and mountain during sunset background zooms in slowly and in a right-slant fashion. The sunshine effect appears, and the show's logo zooms in faster.
  • Pinoy Big Brother: Connect - The sun zooms out, forms the Pinoy Big Brother logo, and then the sun zooms in. The Pinoy Big Brother Connect and ABS-CBN Entertainment logos appear and zoom in, with blue and yellow dots (two dots at the upper-left side of the screen, however, has lines connecting them where they disappear and again appear) and an animation for drawing a house on a white background. After the ABS-CBN Entertainment and show's logo zoom in, the Pinoy Big Brother logo and its sun zoom in.
  • Count Your Lucky Stars - The words "Count" and "Your" appear. The flipping animation plays, resulting in the words "Lucky" and "Stars" appear. Show's logo and its main characters (Tong Xiaoyou (Shen Yue) and Lu Xingcheng (Jerry Yan)) appear, and they zoom in.
  • Huwag Kang Mangamba - On a light-blue background with white circles, the show's logo and ABS-CBN Entertainment logo appear (similar to the show's title card but without the words "Music by Fr. Manoling V. Francisco, SJ" below the logo), then they zoom in in a right-slant fashion (like Walang Hanggang Paalam).
  • Init sa Magdamag - We see the show's characters Dr. Christopher "Tupe" Salcedo (Gerald Anderson), Cong. Rita Macatangay-Alvarez (Yam Concepcion), and Peterson Alvarez (JM de Guzman). After the characters are shown, the show's logo appears and it zooms in in a left-slant fashion.
  • La Vida Lena - We see a yellow space and on the right are the show's character Madgalena "Magda / Lena" Mendoza (Erich Gonzales) with the words "LA VIDA" that are shown partially. The yellow space slides to the left, words "LA VIDA" will slide in to show it in whole, and the face of the said character will be shown. A yellow string is shown which is used for the animation of forming the word "Lena" in cursive writing. After the word "Lena" forms, a yellow circle appears on the text. A close-up of a yellow gown will be shown where it reveals the show's character and show's logo. The ABS-CBN Entertainment logo will appear above the show's logo upon revealing the show's character and logo of the show, and the show's logo will then zoom in.
  • Marry Me, Marry You - We see the show's characters Camille Miraflor and Andrei Legaspi (portrayed by Janine Gutierrez and Paulo Avelino which are both former actors of ABS-CBN's rival network GMA Network) with pink strings and a heart at the upper-left side of the screen around them. The word "Marry Me" on a white background appears and a red circle appears into it where the "Marry You" in red background is shown (the words "Me" and "Marry" are in cursive writing). The show's logo will then zoom out where it displays on a white background, pink strings and a heart at the upper-left side appear, and a silver border surrounding the name of the show will become gold where the ABS-CBN Entertainment logo appears above the show logo. After the silver border surrounding the show's name become gold, the show's logo and ABS-CBN Entertainment logo zoom in.
  • Viral Scandal - On a black background, we see various symbols (e.g. plus (+) and vertical bar (|)) and shapes (e.g. rectangle and square; with rectangle can either have a purple or black color), purple lines, letter "V" at the middle, and grey and silver shapes at the top of the screen. The "V" moves to the right and zooms in, more symbols, shapes and lines appear, and grey and silver shapes will spin where they turn out to be the 2014 ABS-CBN horizontal logo. The word "VIRAL" is shown and "ENTERTAINMENT" appears underneath the 2014 ABS-CBN logo while the animation for forming the ABS-CBN Entertainment logo plays upon the letter "V" zooms in. The bar that fills with purple with "(number of views that is changing) Views" underneath it and the word "Scandal" appear under the word "VIRAL" and the animation for forming the ABS-CBN Entertainment logo finishes thus forming the show's logo on a silver background which is similar to the show's title card. A black ink appears at the left side of the screen where it spreads and distortion is shown including on the show's logo, and the ABS-CBN Entertainment logo and logo of the show zoom in.
  • The Broken Marriage Vow - We see the show's character Dr. Jill Ilustre (Jodi Sta. Maria) with a glass on a jungle green background. The glass will break (with each breaking glass effect produces a vibration) where a close-up of a red rose's petals with shards is shown (within the red rose's petals are the characters David Ilustre (Zanjoe Marudo) and Lexy Lucero (Sue Ramirez)) with Dr. Jill Ilustre behind the rose. The breaking glass effect will play for the second time where Dr. Jill Ilustre with a full view of a red rose and broken glass is shown, with David Ilustre on the rose's petals, Lexy Lucero is now located on the left leaf, and Gio Ilustre (Zaijian Jaranilla) on the right and lower leaf (with the red rose has similarities with the family tree where each part of a plant such as petals and leaves has a picture of a member of the family). The show's logo and a glass with cracks will be shown, where the ABS-CBN Entertainment logo appears above the show's logo (similar to a title card of the first part of the show's episode that shows before the commercial breaks but without a hashtag of an episode below the show's logo), and the ABS-CBN Entertainment logo and logo of the show will zoom in.
  • Touch Your Heart - On a blue-green background, we see the show's characters Oh Jin-shim/Oh Yoon-seo holding a hair detangler brush (Yoo In-na) and Kwon Jung-rok with a paper (Lee Dong-wook) inside a circle. The circle with the show's characters will then play the flip animation and the show's logo appears. A streak encircles the logo where a circle appears and then the show's characters inside a circle at the left and the show's logo at the right are shown (with a white streak encircling a circle with the show's characters goes into the paper being held by Kwon Jung-rok whil the streak encircling the show's logo goes into the logo where a heart appears below it), making it similar to the show's title card but without a hastag of an episode and Facebook and Twitter account of The First and True Home of Asianovelas. The show's logo and circle with Jin-shim/Oh Yoon-seo and Kwon Jung-rok will then zoom in in a straightforward fashion.
  • Meow, The Secret Boy - We see Kim Sol-ah (Shin Ye-eun) with the cat's ear looking at what Hong-jo (Kim Myung-soo; who sits on a sala set) reads on a book. Between the characters is the show's logo and the cat's footprints, heart, and streaks following the heart can be seen. The bumper zooms in slightly where a camera crosshair appears like taking a picture, will flash where it transitions into a picture of the characters facing together (with the camera crosshair and show's logo are still located between the characters), and the show's logo, camera crosshair and bumper will zoom out.
  • 2 Good 2 Be True - We see a close up of the show's characters Alisson "Ali" Fajardo (Kathryn Bernardo) and Elorde "Eloy" Borja (Daniel Padilla) with a car in the background. The bumper will then zoom up where the whole car and background will be shown. The show's logo will appear over the characters, and it zooms in.
  • Love in 40 Days - On a purple background, the animation for appearing "Love in" is played. The bumper flips to the right where the number "38" is seen. The "38" becomes "39", then "49" before eventually becoming "40" where a heart appears (similar to a number counter). The number counter animation stops at "4" while a heart goes closer where the "0" forms where it encloses the heart. A bar appears over the heart and "0" and the "40" with a heart and bar over the "0" zooms in a straightforward manner. When the "40" zooms in, the animation for forming the show's logo can be seen where the ABS-CBN Entertainment logo in black text appears above the logo of the show, and the show's logo will zoom in.
  • A Family Affair - We see a portion of the letter "A" in red text on a white background, then a portion of the word "FAMILY" also in red text with its lower portion covered with white color (with black and white are used as background colors, while white serves both as background and foreground color), and the show's logo on a white and black background will be shown, with the word "AFFAIR" changes from red to black text.
  • It's Showtime - We see a golden star and word "SHOWTIME" on a multi-colored background. The star shines where it passes through the word "SHOWTIME" and the "I" mascot can be seen. An explosion effect where the stars will spread where the word "SHOWTIME" can be seen and the ABS-CBN Entertainment logo appears above the said word. Three stars in red, green, and blue (which are ABS-CBN's respective colors) appear above the word "SHOWTIME", and the "I", "T" and "S" mascots will go at the upper-left of the word mentioned before thus forming the show's logo in a multi-colored background with stars and three stars below the logo and behind the ABS-CBN Entertainment logo. The ABS-CBN Entertainment, show's logo, and the background will then zoom in in a left-slant fashion where an explosion effect can again be seen, and the bumper ends with a close-up of the word "SHOWTIME" rotating to 90 degrees with a light-blue explosion effect.

  • FPJ: Da King - Fernando Poe Jr.
  • FPJ's Ang Probinsyano - Coco Martin
  • Ang sa Iyo ay Akin - Jodi Sta. Maria, Iza Calzado, Sam Milby, Maricel Soriano, Jake Zulyani, Kira Balinger, Joseph Marco, Rita Avila
  • Walang Hanggang Paalam - Angelica Panganiban, Zanjoe Marudo, Paulo Avelino, Arci Muñoz
  • Count Your Lucky Stars - Shen Yue and Jerry Yan
  • Init sa Magdamag - Gerald Anderson, Yam Concepcion, JM de Guzman
  • La Vida Lena - Erich Gonzales
  • Marry Me, Marry You - Paulo Avelino, Janine Gutierrez
  • The Broken Marriage Vow - Jodi Sta. Maria, Zanjoe Marudo, Sue Ramirez, Zaijian Jaranilla
  • Touch Your Heart - Yoo In-na and Lee Dong-wook
  • Meow, The Secret Boy - Kim Myung-soo and Shin Ye-eun
  • 2 Good 2 Be True - Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

  • 2021–present

    Designer:  FutureBrand (ABS-CBN Entertainment logo on some bumpers)
    Typography:  Rotis Semi Serif (Modified) and Gotham (ABS-CBN Entertainment logo on some bumpers)
    Various (logos of respective shows)
    Launched:  January 24, 2021 (ASAP Natin 'To and FPJ: Da King)
    March 8, 2021 (Primetime Bida shows)


    • Some bumpers zooms in in a right-slant fashion like the Kapamilya Channel bumper (i.e. FPJ: Da King, Walang Hanggang Paalam, and Huwag Kang Mangamba)
    • Break bumpers of foreign television series and some drama series on TV5 and A2Z that also air on Kapamilya Channel (i.e. Count Your Lucky Stars, FPJ: Da King, and Init sa Magdamag) does not have the ABS-CBN Entertainment logo above the show's logo.
    • The Pinoy Big Brother: Connect break bumper variant is the shortest show-exclusive break bumper to be used, having used only for 6 days (March 8-14, 2021).
      • The Ang sa Iyo ay Akin break bumper variant, however, is the the shortest show-exclusive break bumper in which the show is a drama series to be used, having used for 11 days (March 8-19, 2021).
    • Sometimes on TV5, the break bumper is cut where the teasers of TV5 programs will be shown without completing the bumper.
      • This is because the TV5 airing of an ABS-CBN/Kapamilya Channel program proper until the break bumper of a specific show were taken from A2Z. The teasers of TV5 programs that are shown after the bumper however, is from TV5 itself.

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