57645-abs-cbn-mobile -Converted-.svg

The logo for ABS-CBNmobile is similar to the ABS-CBN logo, only this time the text is beside the symbol and the ABS-CBN text is red. The symbol is a softer version of ABS-CBN's symbol, which appears in the format of what appears to be a painted cell tower signal icon. Also, the ABS-CBN text is a fusion of the text's styles on ABS-CBN's 2000 and 2014 logos.

The shutdown of the mobile network-sharing agreement and services until November 30, 2018 at 11:59 PM. From December 1, 2018 onwards, its was officially discontinued of all services and the network signal from Globe will be permanently deactivated until further notice. Meanwhile, all ABS-CBN mobile prepaid SIM subscribers can claim a new free SIM with 2GB of data and access to KBO online in selected Smart partner outlets. The qualified subsidy as all ABS-CBN mobile prepaid subscribers with active SIM and receive an SIM swap message from ABS-CBN mobile.