Fictional.svg This article is for a fictional entity.
The information contained is not real, but accurate to the lore of WipEout (video game series).

Anti-Gravity Systems is a team from the futuristic racing game series WipEout and is one of the original four teams along side FEISAR, Auricom and Qirex.

The order of the team's emblems is by the series' chronology.

AGRC era

Ag systems 03 by toolboxio-d9b1ind.png

F3600 era

Agsys wipeout.png

F5000 era

Agsys 2097.png

F7200 era

Agsys 3.png

AG-Systems filed for bankruptcy after the F7200 Racing League and the team's assets were bought by G-Tech going into the F9000 league. The original team was reinstated after the F9000 league's collapse.

FX300 era

Agsystems pure(2).png

FX350-400 era

Hd fury pulse era by ludgar-d9lle5z.png