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1962–1973 1973–1977 1977–1979 1979–1980 1980–1994 1994–present
1962–1973 1973–1977 1977–1979 1979–1980 1980–1994 1994–present

American Multi Cinema


AMC Theatres 1970.png
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AMC Theatres



AMC 1980.svg

In 1980, American Multi Cinema began using the AMC abbreviation and became AMC Theatres. Although the logo wouldn't become officially red until the introduction of the current logo in 1994, the red variant was the most commonly used.


AMC 1994.svg

In 1994, the text color was officially changed from black to red and the letter "c" became rounder, just like the "A" and the "m". On June 3, 2020, AMC announced that it had "substantial doubt" that it will remain in business after the movie theaters were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in December of the same year, it received $100 million in funding, in turn, to an extent, saving the theater chain from potential bankruptcy. By August 2020, the company began the process of reopening selected locations in the United States where allowed under local health orders. By 2021, pretty much all the other locations reopened.