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AMD Arrows.svg

In 1969, Advanced Micro Devices was founded, adopting an 'arrow' logo, which has been in use since then. Their first product was the Am9300 shift register. In 1982, Intel licensed their 8086 processors to AMD to become their second-source manufacturer but later in the 1990s, the latter decided to make its own x86-based chips starting with the Am386 processor. In 1995, its green variant was used as a main logo until 2013.

1969–1970 (secondary logo)

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1970–1980 (secondary logo)

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1980–1990 (secondary logo)

AMD 1970.svg

This is a slimmer variant of its main arrow logo and it is commonly used on AMD chips in that period until it was dropped later in the 1990s in favor of its main AMD arrow logo. This logo was first used on Am186 processor, based on Intel's 80186 processor.



AMD introduced its own wordmark alongside the AMD K5 processor in 1996. The green arrow logo variant was used as their main logo until it was dropped in 2013.

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