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Sky 1


Sky 1 PH logo 1994.png

Sky 1 was focused on news and public affairs. Later, it was renamed to Sky News in 1995.

Sky News


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In 1996, Sky News merged with the Sarimanok News Network (now known as ABS-CBN News Channel).

Sarimanok Channel 37


Sarimanok Channel 37 (1996).png
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Sarimanok News Network




Taken from "Sa Mata ng Balita"


SNN 1996 Logo.PNG


SNN Ph Logo 1998.PNG

ABS-CBN News Channel


Anc 1999.png

On October 11, 1999, the Sarimanok News Network changed its name to ABS-CBN News Channel. It's first logo upon rebranding consisted of the horizontal version of the ABS-CBN logo, the "NewsChannel" text, and a new symbol consisting of three arc waves colored in ABS-CBN's famous three colors: red, green, and blue. In the alternate logo, the symbol is used as the letter C.




As ABS-CBN gave its logo an overhaul in 2000, the logo design was changed to include the A of the newly-launched ABS-CBN logo's text, an N, and the maintained "three RGB arcs" symbol of the previous logo acting as the C, in a similar way to the previous logo. In 2001, they added "The" to the logo




In 2001, ANC changed its logo design to its now-iconic rhombus logo. It kept the ABS-CBN-style A letter and the N of the previous logo, now separated from each other, and replaced the three-arc symbol with a new C design. The three rhombuses were also colored in red, green, and blue.



The logo was modified in 2003, changing the color to light blue.



Anc 2006.png

The logo was modified significantly in 2005, changing the old ANC text (including the ABS-CBN-style A) to a new ANC text in the Arial font, colored in yellow. The logo might resemble the BBC logo from 1960s.


ANC Logo.svg

The longest-lived logo of the channel, the design was more simplified in this logo, with the ANC text colored in white.


ANC-2015 (rev2).svg

On October 26, 2015, ANC revamped its logo and on-screen graphics package, which now utilizes the logo's new colors, red and turquoise. Interestingly, the new logo bears some references to the history of ANC and ABS-CBN: The "N" and "C" from the logos from 2001 to 2005 finally made a return of sorts to the logo after ten years, and the "A" slightly resembles the "A" letter on the ABS-CBN logo used from 1986 to 2000, albeit without serifs and with a red triangle on it. This was apparently to give a "past meets present meets future" vibe to the logo, as the rebrand was mostly meant for ANC's 20th anniversary, in 2016.

This kind of vibe is represented by the logo's elements:

  • Past: The 1986 version of the ABS-CBN-style A, without serifs and with a red triangle on it and the returning designs of the N and C letters from 2001.
  • Present: The logo's current design which utilizes three rhombuses.
  • Future: The logo's new colors: red and turquoise.

With the rebrand, ANC also used a new slogan: "Your Partner, Your News Channel."

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