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In late May 2007, after being available for less than 6 months, AOL took down access to download AOL OpenRide on their official download page but continued to support it on help page.

In late July 2007, news broke that AOL OpenRide was to be replaced by "AOL Helix". Helix was then renamed to AOL Desktop, which incorporates most of AOL OpenRide's feature. However, key features were missing such as the Dynasizer, along with the multi-pane layout, and OpenRide's Media Center which incorporated AOL's desktop search, pictures, music, files, XM Radio, new feeds, and a flash player. As of December 2007, users of OpenRide are no longer able to log into the AOL network with the OpenRide application to use Email/IM, you are immediately logged off and referred to the download page of AOL Desktop. The only feature that still works is the web browser.

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