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The main heading logo font is a modified version of a font quite like the sans-serif Avenir Next. This font survived until the Cingular Wireless brand was phased out in 2007.


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Cingular's plan to merge with the AT&T Wireless Services of the time (not to be confused with the current AT&T brand of wireless services, AT&T Mobility) was first announced in February of 2004. However it wasn't until October 27, 2004, when the final merge was done; by that time, the merge was announced on their website.[3]


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On November 21, 2005, AT&T received a major redesign from Interbrand to coincide with the merge of SBC (thus, until February 2009, would be marketed as The New AT&T). Since then, it was revealed from rumors that AT&T was planning on reusing its name for wireless; the Cingular name still survived in full until early 2007. On March 5, 2006, it was revealed AT&T was planning on buying BellSouth's wireless division and their steak in Cingular. The merge was finished by December 29, 2006. On January 14, 2007, Cingular's logo on its website and on many ads were replaced with the transitional logo above to reflect its evolution into AT&T Mobility.

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