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ATV+ 2011 ATV+ 2015 ATV+ 2018 1 ATV+ 2018 2
2011-2015 2015-2018 February-Abril 2018 April 2018-present

ATV+ is the thematic news channel that broadcasts since September 21, 2011 and is owned by the Grupo ATV.

ATV+ (first era)


ATV+ 2011

The first ATV+ logo was initially the letters "atv" in Myriad Pro Black typography in metallic color and on the right, the "+" sign in orange-reddish red.

ATV+ Noticias


ATV+ 2015

On April 1, 2015, the channel changed its name to "ATV+ Noticias" and the new logo was a parallelogram of dark blue color with a round edge with a semi-parallel rectangle of metallic color, above the first, the letters "atv" in metallic color and to the right a red "+" sign and in the second, the word "NOTICIAS" in metallic white and Helvetica Black typography.

ATV+ (second era)


Febraury-April 2018

ATV+ 2018 1

On February 19, 2018, the channel returns to the name of "ATV+" and the new logo is the ATV logo of the 2016-2018 period in black and on the right, a "+" sign with round edges.

April 2018-present

ATV+ 2018 2

With the change of the ATV logo in April 2018, the logo is modified to the current logo of the homonymous channel, but with a lighter black color and the "+" sign is modified to fit in the shape of the logo.

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