ATV (pronounced ah-tee-fau) is the most popular commercial TV station in Austria. It has been owned by German media group ProSiebenSat.1 since 2017, when it bought ATV and sister channel ATV II from Tele München Gruppe in 2017. In Austria, ProSiebenSat.1 had already been operating Puls 4, another popular commercial TV channel, in addition to Austrian feeds of its German channels such as ProSieben and Sat.1.

This makes ProSiebenSat.1 the predominant commercial TV broadcaster in Austria. Puls 4, ATV and ATV II compete with an independent commercial channel, ServusTV, as well as ORF, the state-owned public broadcaster.

Wien 1


Wien1 logo

ATV was launched in 1997 as a local television station called Wien 1

ATV (first era)


Csm atv logo ca494b94a0

In January 2000, Wien 1 stopped being a local television station and decided to become a general commercial television station. With it, the station was renamed to ATV and that's because it introduced a new logo which consisted of the letter A in red colour and the word TV in silver colour.



ATV+ logo

In June 2003, ATV was renamed to ATVplus. The name was almost short–lived because it remained a three–year use until June 2006 when the station's name reverted to its former name.

ATV (second era)


ATV Austria

In June 2006, ATVplus dropped the "plus" from their name and reverted to its former name of ATV. The station adopted a new logo which consists of a minor update of its 2000 logo. The letter A is still coloured red and the word TV is coloured black instead of silver.

ATV Austria HD

HD logo. ATV HD was launched on 15 July 2013.

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