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ABC Television


ABC Television UK logo 1955

ATV began as ABC (Associated Broadcasting Company Ltd.) as a weekday franchise but a lawsuit against ABPC who owned the ABC Cinema chain (and its film studios, later renamed Elstree Studios) also had the weekend Midlands/North franchise called ABC Weekend Television, Associated British Corporation on the weekend wanted to use its initials ABC and Associated Broadcasting Company throughout the week wanted to use its initials ABC but finally in 8th October 1955, it was renamed Associated Television Ltd. (ATV) to avoid confusion with ABC Weekend TV which started broadcasting on 5th May 1956. This shadowed eye was based on the CBS eye.



ATV Logo 1955

This logo was reportedly drawn in a hurry, so it ended up like this. This variant was used for station identification.


ATV UK 1958

This logo was based off the 1955 ABC logo, but with "T" & "V" replacing "B" & "C".

On August 2, 1968 London Weekend Television took over ATV London and as a result, ATV Midlands was awarded the 7-day contract in the Midlands after ABC Television (UK) lost its license for the north of England and the Midlands. On January 1, 1982, Central took over ATV Midlands.

London Weekend Television
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