2014–February 2018 February–April 2018 April 2018–present
2014–February 2018 February–April 2018 April 2018–present

ATV Norte it is a possible project of a regional television channel for northern Peru and is the property of Grupo ATV. Its signal would be launched in 2020, but due to COVID-19, it will be postponed to 2021.

2014–February 2018

ATV Norte 2014.svg

The first logo of the ATV Norte project was the same one that used its southern counterpart (ATV Sur) until 2018, with the difference that the word "sur" is changed to "norte".

February–April 2018

ATV Norte 2018 1.svg

Then in February 2018, the logo becomes the ATV logo for the 2016–2018 period and on the right, the word "NORTE" in Arista 2.0 typeface. This logo was seen in the logo of the Grupo ATV with channels.

April 2018–present

ATV Norte 2018 2.svg

Then, with the ATV makeover, the logo adopts the same colors and appearance as ATV Sur.

This was not seen in the Grupo ATV logo from April 2018 to 2020, but can already be seen in the current logo of the aforementioned conglomerate. ATV Norte will be launched in 2021.