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2003-05 2005-07 2007-08 2008-10 2010-12 2012-13

2003 (CS1)

41W5SXV7NDL. SX385 .png

When the first version of Adobe Creative Suite was released, it didn't have a '1' at the end. Instead, it was known as simply Adobe Creative Suite (although the users at Logopedia will refer to it as CS1).

Logopedia Info.svg

2005 (CS2)

800px-Adobe Creative Suite 2 logo.svg.png

The logo is similar to that of CS1; however, the sole difference is that the number '2' has been added to the end.

2007 (CS3)

Adobe Creative Suite 3 logo.png

On April 16, 2007, the day when the Design Standard & Premium edition of CS3 started shipping alongside the Web Standard & Premium edition, users saw a logo with all-caps text and a fancy CS3 icon (which looked like it was made with paintbrushes).

2008 (CS4)

Adobe Creative Suite 4 logo.png

The text is still in all-caps, even though the background of the logo is now featuring a light gray-to-white background, abstract 'CS' lettering (which looks like a hook), and the numeral '4' in a style similar to the one in ITV4's original logo (the sole difference between the two logos is that, whilst the former has a stub in the '4', the latter's '4' doesn't have a stub at all).

2010-11 (CS5-5.5)

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Logo.jpg

The logo no longer includes Adobe's logo and is in 3D.

2012 (CS6)

Adobe Creative Suite v6.0 Icon.png

The logo for CS6 includes the text 'CS6' and the square's borders in a grayish-silver color.

On May 6, 2013, Adobe phased Creative Suite out of development in favor of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

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