This logo was noted for its resemblance to that of Mercedes-Benz.


Allied Irish Banks (logo).svg

The familiar AIB logo, used from 1990-2016.

In 1990 AIB introduced its familiar, long-standing "Noah's Ark" logo, based on a 9th-century depiction of the Ark carved on a Celtic cross at Killary Church near Lobinstown, County Meath. Around this time, the name AIB (and the redundant acronym AIB Bank) began replacing the name Allied Irish Bank, though the bank's legal name remains Allied Irish Banks.



New logo as of 6th September 2016

In September 2016, AIB began introducing a simplified version of their logo designed to work across all screens and sizes. Noah's Ark is flipped around in this version while the coins and the olive branch in the dove's beak have been dropped. The red and blue colours of the previous logo have been blended into a purple gradient, while the green has been dropped entirely.

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