Altes (short for Alternative Television Studio) (rus. Альтес) is a broadcasting company and a local (pre-March 1, 2017)/regional (since March 1, 2017) television channel, broadcasting all over the area of the Zabaykalsky Krai. The second one after AIST (Alternative Irkutsk Studio for Television), the first broadcasting company in Zabaikalsky Krai and the Irkutsk television channel.





December 2006-December 2010


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December 2010?-2015 (official), 2010?-present


The logo still appeared on the microphones and the static plate (until 2018); and since 2015, the clock, strangely, remains unchanged.


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July 13, 2017-present

Note: The purple background is to make the logo visible on Logopedia, it is not used in reality. If you can upload the logo with the background used on the channel in high quality.

The channel has been rebranded to have the colors and style of Chita's regional flower, the Rhododendron subsection Dauricum.

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