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América TVGo 2012 (beta) América TVGo 2013 América TVGo 2016 América TVGo 2020
2012-2013 (beta) 2013-2016 2016-2020 2020-present

América TVGo is the streaming application created by América Televisión and is owned by Grupo Plural TV.


2012-2013 (beta)

América TVGo 2012 (beta)
The first logo of the app was the American logo of the 2003-2016 period, but behind the logo appeared the letters "TV" in black and "Go" in degraded orange as well as the arrow behind the second acronym.

This logo was not seen in the final version of the app.


América TVGo 2013
For its official launch, the logo is modified, now the letters "tvGO" appear in Helvetica Black typography with a play sign piercing the "O" and use the same edge used by the HD signal.



América TVGo 2016
With the change of the logo of the channel, the logo of the app is modified, now with the globe above an orange rectangle oval and behind the globe and above the same oval, the letters "tvgo" in Acta Extra Bold typography, used on its HD signal until 2018.


América TVGo 2020
In March 2020, the app changes image, the orange line is omitted from the logo, in addition, the name is now written "tv GO" instead of "tvgo", the fonts change and behind appears an orange crescent with round edges.
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