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América Televisión HD is the signal in high definition of América Televisión launched in March 2011, although it entered into a test signal since 2010, and is owned by the Grupo Plural TV.


2010-2011 (pre-launch)

América Televisión HD 2010 (prelanzamiento)

The first logo of the HD signal in América was the logo used between 2003 and 2016, but with the difference that a blue rounded square with the white "HD" letters is added.


América Televisión HD 2011

Already launched the HD signal of América Televisión, the logo is modified, now the logo of the period 2003-2016 maintains the letters "HD", now in typography similar to Helvetica Black and behind, a blue or orange curved square line.



América Televisión HD 2016

On June 5, 2016, with the change of image of the channel, a rectangle oval is added to the aforementioned globe and behind the globe and above said oval, the letters "hd" in Acta Extra Bold typeface.


América Televisión 2016

Since 2018, the HD logo is removed after merging the standard signal with the HD signal.

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