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American Express CO. American Express American Express logo American Express 2018
1853–1974 1974–2018 2006–2018 2018–present


American Express CO.

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American Express

The original 1974 version is still used on newer infomercials for products.


American Express (2006)

A radial gradient effect was added to the logo in 2006, and it was recolored in a slightly different shade of blue

It was still in use in some cards as of 2018.


American Express 2018

The logo eliminates the radiant effect and goes back to a modified 1974 version, with a slight change of color to a darker shade of blue. There are subtle changes regarding the typeface of the logo, with the bottom of the second A in "AMERICAN" obscuring the C instead of connecting to it and the X detaching from the second E and the P. The "R" is also modified, as well as the "S".

The new icon gets the "AMEX" divided by two and put on the right side. Their new slogan is "Don't live life without it".

Centurion Mark

The portrait is still used on the cards.


American Express Logo Old Company




American express etching

The portait was modernized in 2018.

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