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The company started in 1929 as Standard Sanitary Corporation

American Standard


American-Standard logo

The company was rebranded as American Standard upon merger with American Radiator.


American Standard old logo

This logo is hard to see as it was usually awkwardly placed on the lower left-hand side of this brand's bathroom fixtures. The one with the block was used until 1985, and the wordmark-only version was used from 1984-1987.

1984–2013 (North America). 198?–2016 (Asia Pacific)

American Standard

In 1984-1988 it was a secondary. This officially replaced it in 1987.

2013–present (North America)

American standard logo detail

In August 2013, American Standard unveiled a new logo designed by Sterling Brands.

2017–present (Asia–Pacific)

American Standard logo

A new logo for American Standard in Asia Pacific was used from January 1, 2017.

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