1963-Present (as Ambassadair Travel Club)

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ATA was established in February 1963 as Ambassadair Travel Club. ATA received its common-air carrier certificate in March 1981. Operations started as a charter carrier in 1981. Abassadair Travel Club at this time branched into a separate organization which is currently in operation.

1981-1996 (as American Trans Air)


ATA's original logo, known as the "Runway Livery", was introduced when the airline began scheduled passenger service in 1981. This was painted on every ATA aircraft until 1996, making this ATA's longest lasting livery at 15 years.



The "Palm Tree Livery", was introduced in 1996 to emphasize ATA as a "vacation airline".


ATA1 American Trans Air USA 0406

ATA's last livery, known as the "Flag Livery", was introduced when the airline announced rapid expansion in 2001. The company logo was also slanted upward on the aircraft tail resembling a flag.

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