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2015–2019 2019–2021 2021–present


Anchor FM First logo.png

Anchor FM was originally launched in 2015 as an audio service geared for short- form content. Then, in 2018, the service extended by updating the platform specifically for podcast creation.


Anchor FM Second logo.png

In February 2019, Anchor was acquired by Spotify and since then operates as a subdivision of the streaming company.


On January 26, 2021, Anchor revealed a brand new logo. the "FM" in the brand was dropped, and the tagline "By Spotify" was added. The Symbol was also changed to a wave symbol. According to Anchor, it represents the visual representation of the human voice, the power that lies in the ebb and flow of self-expression.

The beginning of our logo’s shape and form mimics that of an Anchor ‘A,’ while the thin-to-thick stroke embodies the Anchor creator’s progression. The logo goes places—namely skyward, before ending with what we view as an Anchor ‘r.’ But we like to leave it open to your imagination."

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