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1999–2006 2006–2008 2008–2019 2019–present
1999–2006 2006–2008 2008–2019 2019–present



Animal Planet 1996.svg

Animal Planet was launched in India on 29 March 1999.


Animal Planet 2006.svg


Animal Planet (2008).svg

The 2008–2018 logo of Animal Planet was introduced in India on 1 October 2008.

HD: 2014–2019

Animal Planet HD World.png

Animal Planet HD World was launched on 2 June 2014 along with TLC HD World, using the 'HD World' branding that was originally used by Discovery HD World in 2010.


Animal Planet 2018.svg

To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, Animal Planet’s Indian feed adopted the 2018 international logo on 15 July 2019 and introduced a new graphics package. Moreover, it launched a Tamil audio feed. The HD channel was renamed from Animal Planet HD World to simply Animal Planet HD.

HD logo.

Sister channel Discovery rebranded with a new logo a month later (on 8 August) also dropping the HD World branding, leaving only TLC HD World with it until 7 October.

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