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19??–1993 (pre-lunch) 1993–1998 1998–2006 2006–2010 2010–present
Launched on 29 November 1993, Antena 1 (Romanian: Antena Unu) is the first private TV station in Romania and the second-most-watched, after Pro TV. It is the flagship channel of the Antena TV Group, the broadcast division of the Intact Media Group.

Antena 1 has historically used the slogan Mereu aproape (Always closer), which was replaced in 2017 by Mereu cu tine (Closer to you).

19??–1993 (pre-launch)



Antena 1 Logo 1993


Antena 1 1998

This logo was designed by Pittard Sullivan. The figure of the A inside the 1 has been used to the present day, although without the letters anten.



Antena 1 2006

The letters anten were dropped, leaving the A1 symbol.



On 18 September 2010, Antena 1 adopted a new logo, which is a modified version of the 2007 logo. The corners of the A1 symbol have been rounded.

On 28 November 2016, a day before its 23rd anniversary, Antena 1 and its sister channels (including Antena Internațional) launched HD versions, more than ten years after leading competitor Pro TV, thereby being among the last flagship European TV channels to launch an HD feed.

Observator, the daily newscast of Antena 1, launched a new look and studio on the same day.

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